In increasingly competitive markets with shrinking profit margins, manufacturing plants face challenges of true operations management with plant control systems.

Yokogawa's Production Management suite of solutions is designed to bridge the gap between production planning and process control, providing a fully integrated business to production environment. Yokogawa Production Management integrates the vertical production execution workflow across all departmental personnel and applications, enabling real-time decision making and allowing all tasks to be executed quickly, consistently, and efficiently for a more agile production.

  • Production Scheduling

    Planning and scheduling systems are meant to support the creation of an optimized production plan. This is acheived by understanding the limitations of the production process, gathering orders from ERP systems and stock information from the MES layer.

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  • Performance Dashboard

    RPO-Production Supervisor VP provides high resolution views of aggregated information across the entire plant, enabling effective KPI management, incident root cause analysis and resolution.

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  • Plant Information Management System

    基于开放标准,横河的数据历史学家and PIMS solution captures data easily and creates a valuable bedrock. Our solution is especially unique in that engineering costs in implementation are significantly reduced when compared to the alternatives.

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