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  • vwin

    With Yokogawa's wide knowledge of and expertise in process manufacturing, Yokogawa can help bring about the realization of a digital transformation that will lead to a better future for its customers.

  • 一个bout OpreX


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  • 运营管理

    运营管理, as it applies to the industrial automation industry, is the process of designing, visualizing, and orchestrating plant production and business systems.

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  • Production Management

    Yokogawa's ProductionManagement suite of solutions is designed to bridge the gap between production planning and process control, providing a fully integrated business to production environment. Yokogawa ProductionManagement integrates the vertical production execution workflow across all departmental personnel and applications, enabling real-time decision making and allowing all tasks to be executed quickly, consistently, and efficiently for a more agile production.

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  • 安全运营

    Yokogawa provide comprehensive consulting solutions and services to enable facilities to not only understand target they should be meeting, but also identify the current situation combined with the expertise skills and solutions to support them to achieve their goals.

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  • Cybersecurity Management

    Yokogawa’s cybersecurity services take a lifecycle approach to help customers control the security risks and manage them to achieve the highest business continuity plan

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  • Inventory Management

    Margins have shrunk requiring organizations to be streamlined, efficient, and effective. Yokogawa's Inventory Management solution focuses on the elimination of shrinkage and reduction in giveaway.

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  • 质量管理


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  • 一个sset Management


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  • Energy Management

    • 即使在能量成本上显着减少,Energy仍然是典型的工业设施运营成本的三分之一。由于这一点,可以通过确保高效和有效地利用能源来进行显着的收益,同时仍在实现您的生产目标。
    • Yokogawa提供全面的能量测量,分析,控制和金融优化解决方案。这涵盖了咨询,实施,执行和支持的全部范围。
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  • Life

    Through the use of measurement, control, information technology and life science, radically improve productivity across the entire value chain, from basic research to logistics and services.

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