Exceptionally reliable control technology that responds quickly to changes in management and operations and establishes the foundation needed for high efficiency, high quality, safety, and stability in plant operations



  • OPREX控件and Safety System

    Control and safety instrumented systems that support high efficiency, high quality, and safe plant operations. We provide solutions that support long-term stable production and enable a flexible and prompt response to changes in the business environment.

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  • 关于Oprex控制改进软件

    一个group of software packages that provide a more precise understanding of the state of processes and facilities and ensure an appropriate response to state changes. These solutions provide support for the continuous improvement of production operations.

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  • OPREX控件Devices

    Robust and user-friendly controllers for a wide range of control applications that ensure the highly reliable operation of production equipment and help to improve product quality and productivity.

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  • Oprex质量控制系统

    解决方案for the online measurement of the thickness, weight, and color of paper, film, and battery electrode sheets that control quality in both the flow and width directions. And these solutions enhance productivity by improving yield and energy efficiency.

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