Key areas for Operational Excellence Transformation


Operational Excellence Transformation is Yokogawa and KBC’s co-innovated portfolio of solutions and services.We provide comprehensive solutions for business automation in all four areas using consulting and digital technology.




  • Process Safety Management:维护运营,保留业务声誉并通过利用和遵守操作完整性流程来防止遏制或灾难性损失的许可证来创造价值
  • Personal Safety Management:通过提供安全的做法来改善行为和文化,保护人类资产
  • 环境管理:Provide processes to protect the environment through operating integrity, and ensure compliance with environmental, regulatory and/or internal requirements
  • 社区关系:Define and establish processes and protocols to communicate and implement emergency response plans, and enhance interactions in the community
  • HSSE Reporting and Compliance:Assure visibility and achievement of HSSE goals and compliance requirements, by monitoring, learning and improving continuously through processes, initiatives and KPIs
  • Plant Protocols and Security:Provide processes and strategies to protect assets and infrastructure from threats, and control access to vulnerable processes and equipment

By combining Yokogawa’s product portfolio and KBC’s consulting services, we provide our customers best practices and domain knowledge that empower them to improve their operations, as well as a digital platform that supports such activities and initiatives. Our Operational Risk Management scope does not only cover partial improvements in the organization, but also optimizations in plant operations to achieve continuously improving safety, reliability and operability.


- Optimize management of supply, whether oil in the ground or feedstocks for a refinery or chemical asset, in light of product market demands. This provides operators with the agility to take full advantage of market conditions.
- Optimize the potential of physical assets, by pushing throughput and maximizing the production of the highest value products, whilst minimizing variable costs such as energy.
- Deliver small and large CAPEX projects, on time and on budget, to deliver growth and meet environmental requirements.
- Confidently ensure asset reliability and availability, whilst controlling maintenance costs. This assures the asset always meets expectations and is always available to capitalize on short term market opportunities.



Plant Safety and Productivity Improvements Realized by Mental Model Based PCS Graphics




Safe and efficient operations rely on operations staff being able to quickly identify potential process deviations before the situation reaches an unsafe or undesirable production condition.





Yokogawa clearly understands customers’ challenges and has developed significant expertise in operations HMI development. Based on this existing expertise Yokogawa has developed a standardized method for the development of site specific HMI design guidelines and a collection of template graphics objects and standards that we are now offering globally.


As a result AOG provides intuitive situation awareness through ergonomic design, primarily focused on layout and design based on operating environment in compliance with ISA101; whilst providing efficient decision making by capturing operational know-how from experienced operators.

Key Features

  • 操作员的心理建模以了解操作员如何看待该过程
  • 人体工程学设计的图形由人为因素工程师团队提供。
  • 操作工程师提供的基于任务的操作,基于任务的图形。
  • Safety and Productivity KPI (Key Performance Indicator) graphics.
  • 完全遵守ISA101标准

Customer Benefits


INPEX Corporation(INPEX)是日本最大的石油开发公司,从研究到勘探,生产和销售,参与了该业务的各个方面。在Niigata的公司工厂中,用户界面的重新设计大大改善了运营。该公司享受以下主要好处:

  • 缩短操作监测周期
  • 及时识别异常条件
  • 较少的操作员错误
  • 减少操作员工作量 /眼睛疲劳
  • Improved transfer of skills and expertise
  • Increased motivation to improve operations

Read the full success story here: //www.zhisiyu.com/success/oilgas/suc-inpex.htm

Customer Benefits



The number of incidents involving attempted unauthorised access to computer systems via the internet as reported by CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) was 137,539 in 2003. Statistics show an exponential increase in the number of reported incidents in the last five years. Although this can be partly explained by the increase in the number of computer systems in the world that are connected to the internet, it is nevertheless an alarming fact.



横川的执行顾问莫里斯·威尔金斯(Maurice Wilkins)博士与《每日电讯报》(Daily Telegraph)商业记者的阿拉斯泰尔·格林(Alastair Greener)交谈,并分享了他对工艺植物运营商,自动化以及他们在危机中如何共同努力的想法。

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