Super Resolution via Optical Re-assignment

  • XY resolution exceeding diffraction limit
  • 超分辨率活细胞成像的理想选择
  • 易于使用CSU
  • Upgradable from CSU-W1

XY resolution of approx. 120nm*1

XY resolution has been improved by approximately 1.4x the optical limit based on spinning-disk confocal technology.
Furthermore, a final resolution approximately twice the optical limit is realized through deconvolution.

NG108 cell
Image provided by Dr. Kaoru Kato, Biomedical Research Institute, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

NG108 cell growth cone


In addition, live cell imaging is possible, reducing bleaching and phototoxicity.

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Image provided by Dr. Kaoru Kato, Biomedical Research Institute, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)



Super-resolution images can be observed in real time without any specific preparation of sample.

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3D image

*1 For reference


SoRa super-resolution principle

SoRa super-resolution principle

通过这样做,该决议是由大约equal to an ideal confocal microscope, in which the pinhole has been reduced to an infinitesimal size, producing an estimated 1.4x improvement upon regular confocal microscopes.

T. Azuma and T. Kei, “Super-resolution spinning-disk confocal microscopy using optical photon reassignment,"
Opt. Express 23, 15003-15011 (2015)

Configuration when upgrading from the CSU-W1

Configuration when upgrading from the CSU-W1

A SoRa disk can be added to your CSU-W1.

1x: Confocal observation (CSU-W1)
2.8x: 超分辨率100X物镜镜头
4x: Super-resolution 60x objective lens

概述 :Confocal scanner unit CSU-W1

连续ct specification

连续ct specification*1
Model 1camera model (T1) 2camera model (T2) 拆分视图模型(T3)
Loadable model A SoRa disk can be loaded as disk 2, and disk 1 can be selected (50μm or 25μm)
激发波长 405nm~640nm
观察波长 420nm~680nm
Effective field of view Depends on the magnification changer for SoRa specification (see below)
外部光线 / NIR端口 An external light port cannot be equipped at the same time as the intermediate magnification switcher
The NIR port cannot be used together with a SoRa disk
Magnification changer for SoRa specification
Lens-switched light path 3 light paths switched electronically  1x, 2.8x, 4.0x magnification
外部尺寸 425(W)×301.1(L)×122.5(H) mm (excl. protrusions and supporting column)
重量 13kg
Microscope connection Manufacturer-specific adapter
Magnification changer for SoRa 2.8x 4.0x
Recommended objective lens 100x 60x
Effective field of view 61x57μm 71x67μm
Resolution: : PSF FWHM*2
XY/Z分辨率(光学超分辨率) 150nm / 320nm
xy/z分辨率(反卷积后) 120nm / 300nm

*1仅显示与CSU-W1不同的项目。规格 :Confocal scanner unit CSU-W1
*2 Resolution value is for reference only.

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