Our complete product line supports every type of control application. Models with Active Color PV display and Ethernet connectivity are now available.

  • Single Loop Controllers

    Single loop controllers receive temperature, flow rate, pressure, and other types of measurement readings from sensors and send corresponding instructions to control elements such as valves in order to maintain these values within a desired range.

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  • Temperature Controllers

    UTAdvanced temperature controllers and digital indicating controllers employ an easy-to-read, 14-segment large color LCD display, along with navigation keys, thus greatly increasing the monitoring and operating capabilities.

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  • Program Controllers

    The UP35A/UP55A, 1/4 DIN sized program controllers, provides up to 30 program patterns, and simultaneous monitoring of 8 PV events, 16 time events, and 8 alarms.

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  • Panel Indicators

    The UM33A provides up to 9 alarms outputs and input correction function (PV bias, Polygonal line approximation, polygonal line bias). Also, 24 VDC sensor power supply is available as an option.

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  • Limit Controllers

    1/16 DIN和1/4 DIN尺寸的限制控制器已获得FM批准,并且可将其配置为高或低极限控制器,以及通用输入,计时器超过持续时间。

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  • Configuration Tools

    The software packages enable to set controllers configuration parameters or create custom computation programs via the optical communications adapter attached on controller front panel.

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LNG Industry, Summer 2012

Martin te Lintelo, Yokogawa, The Netherlands, discusses the need for better automation, measurement and control instruments to cope with the rising popularity of LNG.


Oil producers looking past today's difficult world markets understand development of new sources will bring a growing list of challenges. An ever-increasing amount of oil and natural gas is being produced by techniques once considered unconventional: tar and extraction, fracking, and deep water offshore drilling. As the costs of these extraction methods have gone down, the range of economically recoverable deposits has increased. When crude oil markets return to more normal levels, these difficult fields, including deep water offshore oil and gas, will become increasingly important.

By Eugene Spiropoulos, Yokogawa Corporation of America






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  • modbus配置:主/从或客户端/服务器
  • Modbus部署:调试新安装的步骤
  • The physical layer of Modbus: wiring
  • modbus示范


In this webinar you will learn:

  • The purpose of each of the PID tuning elements
  • How adjusting the individual PID elements will affect the process
  • General PID profiles for pressure / flow loops
  • 温度回路的一般PID轮廓
  • 一个n explanation of some supporting parameters like cycle time, manual reset, and anti-reset windup


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