Real-time power consumption monitoring is the first step to saving energy. Learning real-time power consumption by monitoring your system is the first step in saving energy.
Reduces power equipment costs, supports energy saving laws and ISO14001, and helps the digitalization of power monitoring from the manufacturing site to the office.

Yokogawa Electric offers broad solutions using power monitoring.

Installation 面板安装如配电盘 Installation in the board
DIN rail/a wall
模型 PR720
UPM100 / UPM101
UPM100 / UPM101
CTW series
一个ppliations Power equipment meter
Energy saving monitor
Energy saving monitor 夹紧电流变压器

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  • 电力和能量计PR720

    The PR720 is a Switch Board mount power monitor that accurately meets two needs: power equipment metering and energy saving monitoring.

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  • UPM100 / UPM101

    UPM100 / UPM101 is a compact power monitor that can measure 15 items such as electricity energy with 1 unit.

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  • CTW

    The CTW Series are clamp-on current transformers that can be installed much easier than conventional current transformers, whereby saving installation cost.

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  • Power monitoring package SMARTDAC+ GM / UPM100

    Power monitoring package SMARTDAC+ GM/UPM100 is a data collection system for energy saving monitoring consisting of 920 MHz compatible power monitor UPM 100 and data acquisition system GM. Easily visualize the electric power used in the factory (graph) and create reports, etc. We can help waste energy by finding waste of electricity used.

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  • Clamp-on Powermeters


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Broad power monitoring-based solution system



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