Some GPS receivers or GPS network time servers (NTP/SNTP servers) may not be able to synchronize the time correctly every approximately 19.6-year due to the “GPS Week Number Rollover” issue (*1).
Next time, this issue will occur at 11:59:42 (p.m.) on April 6, 2019 of the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Please contact the supplier of the GPS receiver or the GPS network time server to confirm whether the model is affected by the “GPS Week Number Rollover” issue or not.
如果该模型是受“ GPS周数量转换”问题影响的类型,请确认内部计数器重置为零,以及针对此问题的计数器措施是什么。根据供应商的信息,在提到问题发生之前尽快执行该措施。

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