Yokogawa's Purpose:
A Lodestar for Our Social Mission

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Connect unconnected for
Digital Transformation

Collaborative Information Server

HSE + Maintenance solution for plant and social infrastructure
by Fiber Optic Sensing DTSX

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5 categories of OpreX brand

OpreX brand site

Success Stories

Electrocentrale Bucureşti S.A.

CENTUM VP boosts C.T.E. Bucureşti Vest Combined Heat and Power Plant in Romania


Improved Efficiency and More Reliable Operations through the Use of Machine Learning Technology to Conduct Alarm Behavior and Alarm Action Analysis

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学习你的潜力OPEX Savings

Try our ROI calculator to see how much you can reduce your OPEX with our chemical injection flow controller.

Industrial autonomy

Yokogawa is preparing the way for a future in which industries will make the transition from industrial automation to industrial autonomy(IA2IA).

Sensing Technology and its Applications

Introducing how sensing technology can be applied to generate greater innovations, and looking at the challenges ahead.

KBC Advanced Technologies

KBC identifies, implements and sustains operational excellence for our customers.

With Researchers

Collaborating with coronavirus researchers, Yokogawa's Life Innovation business is supporting the development of new medication and vaccines.